Entrepreneur Funding

Through our Entrepreneur Fund, we identify and assist talented early stage business owners to accelerate their ventures. Web Ventures allocates one fifth of its revenues to its Entrepreneur Fund, providing capital for deployment through this program.

In this, we are unique. We generate revenues by creating best in class websites for serious businesses, but channel a significant proportion of those revenues into our Entrepreneur Fund. In this way, our core business enables us to provide a gateway to economic enfranchisement to many striving entrepreneurs who would not be able to do this without us. Every website commissioned creates a platform of opportunity for potential business leaders of the future.

Enabling Talent to Blossom

Talent does not recognise borders or geographical boundaries. Talent is found everywhere. Of every kind, and of every degree. But for talent to blossom, it often needs a helping hand. That helping hand is often absent or at least in very short supply in the world's poorest regions.

Early stage business owners and entrepreneurs in those regions face immense challenges, with far less access to even the most basic support fundamentals than that enjoyed by their counterparts in wealthier regions.

Web Ventures provides funding and other support to help address these challenges.

A Helping Hand

Financial support may be needed to develop a business plan, create a corporate structure, file some basic intellectual property, hire an assistant, purchase raw materials, or even to commission a state of the art website. All and any of the basic building blocks required to make a business a success.

Funding may be by way of: an award; a loan; or equity. The amounts awarded to each business will be modest, but with even these moderate sums, our entrepreneurs have a chance to succeed.

In addition to financial assistance, Web Ventures provides mentoring and other support, deploying our business expertise towards the advancement of the businesses within our program. This guidance is given freely and can often be of as much value as our financial contributions.

Investment Committee

To support the Fund, Web Ventures has established an Investment Committee, comprised of individuals with experience and expertise in venture funding and global business. The Investment Committee has a charter and mission to advance the goals of the Fund.

Web Ventures is not a venture capital or private equity firm, but is rather a promoter of talented entrepreneurs, an angel investor and supporter of early stage businesses with the goal of helping them progress through the usual development stages towards full commercialisation.